This product is only available to Salons and Hair Stylists.


INOAR Professional created a unique treatment formula that smooth away wrinkles acting as hair fillers forming a protective layer around the hair’s cortex.

This innovative formula is comprised of proteins and various glossing agents that provide luminous shine with a luxuriously silky feel.

BotoHAIR has a phenomenal ability to reduce up to 95% of frizz and make curly hair easier to manage with its improved texture, even after its first use.

Indication: All types of hair
This line is composed of: Step 1 – Deep Cleansing Shampoo | Step 2 – Collagen Smoothing System | Step 3 – Reconstructor Balm

Size: Available in 1L

Step by Step

STEP 1 Wash the hair at least TWICE with Inoar Deep Cleaning Shampoo (Step 1). Then massage the scalp up to the hair and rinse it thoroughly. If necessary repeat for the THIRD TIME

Worthy to learn: Apply a fill drops of Argan Oil onto the hair and finish it up with desired styling. The properties of the Argan Oil helps to protect the hair against the very high and low temperatures and others benefits