Macadamia Mask 500gr

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The kit includes a SALT FREE shampoo, conditioner and leave-in created using an innovative NANO PARTICLES formula containing cocoa and hydrolyzed keratin makes them very suitable for all types of hair, especially the hair which went through Brazilian Keratin Treatment and they can be used daily. The kit POS-progress prolongs the effects of the Brazilian Keratin Treatments.
-Nanosericina, Creatine and polyquaternium
-It provides the nano-reconstruction and nano-recovery of the hair strands.
-It reduces frizz.
-Nanosericina, D-Panthenol, Creatine and Wheat Germ Oil
-The nano-recovery of hair protein provides the hair strands with luminous shine.
-Anti-static effect with elasticity and softness.
– Nanosericina and Rosemary Extract
– It balances the molecular shine
– Nano-recovery and moisture of the strands

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